Iceland – A Great Adventure – Day 1

What’s only a 3.5 hour flight away from Germany and full of adventure? Iceland. Where can you go if your days are a little too warm for your liking? Iceland. Wanna play on a glacier that is frozen atop a volcano? Go to Iceland.

We went to Iceland on April 12, 2016. This is the perfect time to go. We were told almost every day how lucky we were with the weather. And it is officially off-season, so you see more ponies and sheep than people. Christian and I met my dad and Annie in the capital of Reykjavik, which I am almost postitive I still pronounce incorrectly.  We arrived a day earlier, since ya know, the flight distance is a bit more from Washington D.C. (But it is a direct flight from there! So no excuses you east coast people. Oh and you will soon be able to fly directly to Iceland from Los Angeles, so no excuses there either.  Contact me if you want to do this incredible trip for yourself. Do it. Do it.)

Christian and I had a chance to explore downtown for a day. We walked to the harbor and took a look at the huge ships.



Then we went to the American Bar, where the beer is $10 a piece! But then we found a brewery that served locally made beer at only $8 a pop. Ha. But it was yummy beer.


As we walked home that night, we decided to pay homage to The Ugly Church (this is what Christian called it ever since he first saw it from the bus that brought us to the city) or Hallgrímskirkja. As we stood around admiring its grotesque architectural design, something funky and green appeared in the sky to our left. I pointed at it and said, “Boo. Is that the…? No, it can’t be the Northern lights. Can it?” It sure as shit was! We were delighted with a spectacular display of lights above us. The green lights danced above us and The Ugly Church as we watched in awe. It looked as if someone was painting in the sky with magical watercolors that disappeared after every stroke. Sometimes the watercolor looked like rain. Sometimes it looked like wispy clouds. At all times, it looked gorgeous. For the rest of the trip, I would stare at the moon when it came out, hoping to catch that painter in the sky again!


My conclusion after Day 1: I could live in Iceland for a year. If I got paid 9,000,000,000,000 ISK a year, could chase the lights every night during the winter and ignored the shark liver oil capsules. “The whaaaaat?” you say? The shark liver oil capsules. That’s right. The icelanders don’t need to mess with cod liver oil when shark liver oil is readily available at every local grocery store in town. Eww.


Look out for Day 2, coming at ya ASAP.


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