Iceland – Day 2 – Whales


Whales whales whales whales. Need I say more? Yes, it’s a blog. Christian and I signed up for a Whale Watching tour on our 2nd day in Icleand. My dad and Annie arrived and took care of their jetlag as we headed down to the harbor to find our boat. I highly recommend booking your whale tour through the same guys. Contact me for their info! Their boat was one of three out at sea during the afternoon tour. The other 2 boats were packed full of people. Our boat had a total of 7 tourists. Seven. We could move anywhere we wanted to on the boat, which is very helpful if a whale pops up on the right side and we were on the left side. The crowds of tourists on those other 2 boats didn’t have that option. Sucks for them.

As we set sail, we saw a group of dolphins playing in the cold Atlantic ocean. Cute! But I wanna see some dang whales! Where are the whales? I know it has only been 30 minutes, but where are they?? Our guide did not seem very convinced that we would spot whales on our tour. And then BAM! A whale appeared. It was a humpback whale. Christian and I had dug into our luck reserves and scooped out a handful of fortuitous travel. We saw 3 or 4 different humpbacks on our tour. In-frakkin-credible.




It was a good day!  Day 3, coming right up.


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