Iceland – Day 3 – Waterfalls

Our road trip started today. We departed Reykjavik and headed northeast towards Þingvellir National Park. Hiking was on the to do list, so we parked at an information center just outside the park and hiked our way in. We trekked for about an hour until we reached The Rock – the meeting place for Icelandic Parliament back in the day.


I imagine Thor was there, giving speeches about how he maintains his golden locks hair under a helmet bearing the weight of two huge feathered wings.   Thor’s helmet is also the nickname of NGC 2359, a nebula some 15,000 light years away in the constellation of Canis Major.





What was I talking about? Day 3. After the park hike, we drove through Laugarvatn and made our way to Gullfoss waterfall. The family that owns the land at Gullfoss has never allowed companies harvest the energy of the waterfall for electricity. They are afraid it will take away from the beauty Gullfoss. Right on!


We took a few pics out in the wind… it was SO windy around the waterfall. Luckily, Christian’s colleagues suggested he take a scarf to cover his face. He was warm enough to go trekking beyond the visitor ropes, giving me a mild heart attack while fearing he would fall into Gullfoss.



(Christian took the above pic while standing beyond the roped in boundary)

With the wind at our backs, we continued to Hella (pronounced “Hetla”). I had booked 2 rooms at Guesthouse Nonni in this little town. The house was perfect for us. We were the only ones staying there, except for the owners who sleep downstairs and open their kitchen in the morning for breakfast. Annie and my dad played their instruments all night – free concert! Yay yay. Then the owner of the house made us such a big and delicious breakfast in the morning with all the fixins! They had waffles and homemade bread (cooked using geothermal heat) and orange juice and pate and I could go on and on and on…

But I won’t. Until Day 4.


The sky that night in Hella was incredible.  We even saw the Northern Lights again.



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