A Legal Alien

May 7, 2013:
It’s official!  I am a legal alien living in Germany.  I received my work permit at the immigration office this afternoon.  So I’m celebrating with a new dress and a bottle of vino!

Prost!  I guess I’ll continue this over a glass of my tempranillo…

Other accomplishments of the day:

1.  5K run along The Elbe to Schillerplatz.


2.  Found my new apartment in Blasewitz.  After running to the bridge at Schillerplatz, I walked my stink and sweat around town until I found the exact address of the place I will call home on Friday.  I walked through a midday market and found myself here:


Does it look familiar?  It should.  Check out the previous post.  IT’S REAL!  IT’S REAL!  Not like Santa Claus or the Tooth Fairy.  My apartment really is here.  Are you kidding me?!  Someone pinch me, I’m dreaming.  I live a few steps away from a tea shop.  Given my obsession with Earl Grey, I find it highly appropriate and mildly disturbing, like someone is saying, “I will give you an all access pass for now, but you better be ready to pay up in the future.”  Good thing I’m in academia and don’t have any thing to give back.  Sucker butt.

3.  A delicious home cooked dinner consisting of fresh made chicken filled ravioli in a tomato basil sauce.  It goes well with the wine.

So it may not seem like I accomplished a lot today, but I am exhausted from being an excited expat for the past couple of days.  I arrived last Thursday, after almost a complete day (yes, 24 hours) of traveling.  I managed to drag my jet lag to a seminar on prions the following Friday and I met my boss for the first time.  Appropriate that our fist meeting was over a couple of beers, right?!  GO GERMANY!  That same evening, I took my first trip to the grocery store (which I will now call Netto or Lidl or something else that will totally confuse me when I read this again in America).  Guess what I was excited to find.  Earl Grey!  Gimme that.

Earl Grey

Since Friday, I have been to the Zimmer and the Frauenkirche, both took my breath away.

The Zimmer (a palace):


The Frauenkirche (a church):


I also found this restaurant that I was so excited to try before I moved here:


It was worth hunting down.  The view of the platz was incredible.  The food was delicious.  I will be making a second visit for the creme brulee.

The view:


There is still so much more to do and see and I’m ready for all of it.  Tomorrow is my first day at work.  The following day is a holiday!  I just found that out.  Ich liebe Deutschland!  I guess I’ll have to make another trip to the grocery store, I mean I mean… Netto, before tomorrow night if there’s going to be any at-home wine drinking on Thursday.


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