Iceland – Day 4 – Forgetful yogurt

Day 4 was a day for conquering challenges.

We were served a huge breakfast at Guesthouse Nonni, which I mentioned before in Day 3. My belly gladly invited the challenge as I am always up for trying new foods – it is my favorite way to engage in different cultures. I experience the world through my taste buds and my memories are often linked to something I have eaten. I will always remember Nonni for the Icelandic pancakes, pate and homemade bread.

Our next challenge was to explore 2 waterfalls. Ok, not so much of a challenge except for the courage it took me to walk out on the metal grate platform at the top of the 2nd waterfall. I am not a fan of heights. The backs of my legs get weak just thinking about looking over an edge. While Christian had already explored the highest point of the waterfall, climbing and squatting close to the edge, I had yet to make it out on the platform. After a few cautious test steps and watching others walk on the platform worry-free, I tip toed out there. OHHHH! Looking down at the water falling below was a trip. I didn’t stay on the platform for long, but enough time to get a couple of pictures:




Here he goes again… scaring me by being so close to the edge:




With a bit of adrenaline pumping, we next made our way to THE EVENT of the day. Snowmobiling. On a glacier. Covering a volcano. This was the most expensive thing we planned for the trip (178 euros a person!) but it was by far the most fun, exciting and memorable experience. After gearing up, we looked like astronauts.




We climbed a ladder into a huge transport vehicle and settled in for a bumpy 20 minute ride over volcanic terrain. After hopping up and down in our seats, we arrived on the glacier where our snowmobiles were parked and waiting for us. We picked our vehicle and I hopped on the back. Christian drove the entire time and I was in charge of the GoPro – which means I held on to the snowmobile with one hand for most of the trip! (I will upload the video and link it here) I had that snowmobile in a death grip after we took off. Thirty kilometers per hour doesn’t seem very fast, but on a snowmobile it is fast enough! We rode to the top of the glacier in a single file line and I was screaming and laughing the whole way there.

I was relieved to have a break from riding. It was fun, but also scary at times. My butt came out of the seat a couple of times and at one point, we were riding on only the left skate of the snowmobile. The chance to hop off and enjoy the view of the volcano, glacier and surrounding mountains was welcomed!

We had a chance to stop 3 times on our tour, because apparently we were riding lightning fast. Holy shit, we could have slowed down?? If you ever do a snowmobiling tour, I would suggest taking your time if you don’t have a need for speed. The 15 or so other riders we were with happened to be all men in their 30s, from the Netherlands and I’m pretty sure they all had on shirts that said either “I wanna go fast, daddy!” or “If you’re not first, you’re last.” I know my dad and Annie would have loved to ride slower.


The views were breathtaking. THIS is what made my experience. Seeing the world from up here, on a beautiful day with blue skies and the ones I love will be something I cherish for the rest of my life.


We celebrated our victory with a beer in the cutest little town of (appropriately named) Vik.


Wondering what the yogurt title is all about? The name of the glacier we toured is called:


Exactly. Repeat, very quickly after me, “I forgot my yogurt.” That’s how you pronounce Eyjafjallajökull.



2 thoughts on “Iceland – Day 4 – Forgetful yogurt

  1. reetah2u says:

    I love how they put that sign depicting a person falling. I guess Christian must have passed by it or totally ignored.
    As for I forgot my yogurt, what were they thinking. It seems I forgot my ice cream might have been funnier given all that cold, white stuff.
    Glad you had such a fantastic experience!


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