The 7 Day Countdown to Moving Day

April 24, 2013

My new home

In one week, I will say “Auf Wiedersehen” to USA and “Hallo” to Dresden, Germany. I have never been so anxious, nervous, excited and stressed out. If I ever decide to do this again, pray I read this and remember how stressed I am at this very moment.

Friends and family all want to say goodbye during these last days in the States and I just don’t have the time right now. I thought I did a good job of planning and trying to see everyone before this final 7 Day Countdown and I am so grateful to have such good friends, but I am about to scream and then go run into a hole and hide until May 1st arrives with my airplane.

Let’s move on to nervousness. Ich bin nervös. How do I say “mascara” in German? Where do I buy pillows? Which direction is the US Embassy (thanks Liz!)? Will people be willing to help me if I forget all the German I know?

And now the exciting part. I’M MOVING TO GERMANY!   Thank you Kirsten, for reminding me why I’m doing this and how excited I should be.  Finally! I am doing something I’ve wanted to do since college. Ok, so it was always Italy where I envisioned living amongst the natives. But Italy is going down the crapper right now, along with Greece and Spain. I visited Germany twice last year and fell in love (plus I’m half German, is that racist?).  So, Germany it is! I’ve always wanted to live somewhere where I didn’t speak the language, and I’m doing it! Boom.

In 7 Days, this picture will be my new home.


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