Iceland – Day 5 – Glacier Walking

The landscape in Iceland is ever-changing. One minute you are surrounded by sheep and ponies in wide open grass fields and the next minute you are standing on top of a glacier looking at snow capped mountains all around you. You can get lost in a field of lava rocks covered in spongy green moss or spend the day gazing at blue waves crashing near the shoreline. Iceland is an island full of sensational scenery.


Today we went on a glacier walk. It was on Vatnajökull, the largest ice cap in Iceland. Guess what was filmed here. You guessed it! Game of Thrones. The second season was filmed where we took our walk. James Bond, Fast and the Furious and a new Jackie Chan movie have also been filmed at this glacier. But let’s be honest, as soon as our guide said “Game of Thrones”, the theme song started to play in my head and I was ready tah go!



Our guides were hilarious. They took note of where 2 other glacier walk groups were heading and steered us away from them.   If you want more info on the company we used, just let me know!   We laced up our crampons (No, not tampons.  Gah, you’re sick!) and headed for the ice.



The only rule for glacier walking is “Do Not Fall.” Christian and I found out how sharp glacier ice can be. No one fell, but we were both assaulted by the prickly frozen water. Our hands acquired some cuts just from being Curious Georges and touching the ice. Blood was spilled. (Game of Thrones theme music is still playing. Can you hear it?)


We walked on the glacier for a little over an hour and DANG was it hot! My dad and I had definitely overdressed. But come on – who expects to be warm on a glacier? There is an advantage of being surrounded by tons of ice when you are sweaty. I’ll let you figure it out. We cooled down and enjoyed another fantabulous Icelandic landscape.





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