A Prague Christmas – Good Eats.

Last weekend Christian and I ventured to Prague.  It’s become a tradition during the Christmas season.  This year we asked his parents to join us.


I love train stations in Europe.  They seem so romantic and filled with a sense of adventure.  You just have to ignore the drunk soccer fans that show up on match days already two or three sheets to the wind at 8am.

Walking around these days with a preggo belly is harder than I ever thought it would be, so I didn’t mind the 2.5 hour break during the train ride from Dresden to Prague.  We got to the Dresden train station with lots of time to spare, so I took pictures of the gigantic Christmas tree while we all drank Starbucks (cliche?  They offer lactose free and decaf, so Starbucks is my fave during my pregnancy – ok, maybe it is always my favorite.  cliche.) and got into vacation mode.



We reserved our seats both to and from Prague and I would recommend this to anyone traveling this route, especially this time of year.  The train can get pretty crowded and having to fight for a seat is not fun.  One ticket was only 36 euros round trip, including reservations in both directions.

We stayed at an AirBnb close to Wenceslas Square in Old Town Prague.  The place was big enough to accommodate 7 people and the price was great for the size and location.  Note that it was on the same street as a cabaret and some silly place called “Sexy Sauna” but the police station was directly next to the sauna.  They must get a lot of interesting business – I mean the police station.  We didn’t have any problems in the area other than hearing a drunkard cussing at himself at 2am.

We walked to the Christmas markets in Prague and enjoyed the hot mead wine – I only enjoyed the smell this year, but that was good enough.  It smells like Christmas and I love it!


We ate dinner at a place called Jama, which translates to “The Hollow” in English.  It was a cute little pub/bar/restaurant with amazingly yummy wings.  I haven’t had chicken wings in forever and this place made me miss the wings in the United States.  My fiancé had the cowboy burger – he enjoyed it.  A lot.  His parents both had a quesadilla.  I didn’t hear any complaints, so I think we all enjoyed this place.


(Above pic credit – CK)

On Saturday, we explored the Old Town and crossed the Charles Bridge.  It was crowded, but expected for Christmas time.  It was a lot of walking for my baby bump, but we did it.  Christian was very accommodating and made sure I was ok the entire day – really the entire weekend.  We rode the underground train back towards Wenceslas Square to have a late lunch at a place called Kitchen Ramen Bar.


If I lived in Prague, I would have to eat here at least once a week.  The place was funky and the food was great.  It’s a bit pricey for basic ramen noodles (10-12€ for a big bowl), but they jazz things up a bit.  You can get a Korean-Thai hybrid bowl with kimchi and coconut curry sauce.  They also make sure you get gluten free noodles if you have that allergy.


I had the SHIO RAMEN and couldn’t finish all of it.  It was warm and delicious though!

After a quick nap back at the AirBnB, we had dinner at my favorite Prague restaurant, U Tri Ruzi or Three Roses.   This place never disappoints.  And they brew their own beer.  Yes, again I couldn’t drink the beer but my fiancé and his family enjoyed the brew.  I enjoyed the food, as always.  No one left disappointed!  We made reservations for 7pm – I recommend making them because they get full especially on the weekends.  Two parties ahead of us at the door were denied a table because the place was already packed.

I love being able to call Prague our Christmas tradition.  From the time we arrive at the station to the last lit Christmas tree we pass on the streets of Prague, I have that excited feeling about Christmas.  And I’m thankful to have such amazing people to share it with.


Above – near Old Town Square

Below – the HUGE Christmas tree in the Old Town Square


IMG_7072 copy.jpg