Lake Como Adventures

When Christian and I were at Lake Como last year, we planned on doing a canyoning adventure with Alberto Trombetta.  What’s canyoning you ask?  It’s “the sport of jumping into a fast-flowing mountain stream and allowing oneself to be carried downstream at high speed.” ( magic)


Above pic: Lake Como and the main town

As I’ve grown older, my enthusiasm for participating in any fast sport has dropped.  Also for any activity done at ridiculous heights – I’m not a fan.  I’ve become an old scaredy cat.  When Christian and I first got together, we went to Kletterwald Park – we were strapped in to body harnesses and climbed, crawled and walked over tons of obstacles while being attached by ropes high above the ground.


I know I’m smiling here (above at a Kletterwald in Dresden, Germany), but at one point I did cry.  I had to walk across a single rope, high above the ground.  Christian had already effortlessly strutted across to the other side while I stood staring at the rope, shaking my head “no not gonna happen.”  Even though I knew there was no way I’d fall to the ground, it scared the crap out of me.  I started to cry like a baby.  Then, I started to walk.  Crying and walking.  Walking and crying.  I eventually made it to Christian on the other side of the most ridiculous obstacle in the world.  And the feeling I had – a mix of elation, relief, astonishment and pride – was the reason I signed up for this canyoning thing at Lake Como.

Unfortunately, Christian caught a terrible cold and sliding into chilly Italian lake water didn’t seem like a good idea anymore.  So my scaredy cat emotional high will have to wait until 2018 or 2019, when we have vacation time devoted to new travels again and we can sign up for canyoning.



Above pics: Exploring Lake Como on land – see more in my Lake Como post.

In case you are looking for a really cool adventure while in Milan or Lake Como – I highly recommend contacting Alberto.  I’ve already done the research for you.  He has great marks on TripAdvisor and he is responsive through email.  He has a lot of different activities to offer, from rock climbing to hiking to canyoning.  He even has sailing/climbing packages available:

Kalimnos, Greece 22-29 April;  from 700 euro;  the worldwide famous climbing mecca from the best point of view, getting to the most exlusive crags with no effort.

Amalfi coast, Italy 27May-3June ;  from 800 euro; the area is full of amazing spots to practice outdoor activities such us: trekking, rock climbing, spear fishing, sightseeing, exc. All of that will be done among villages rich in culture,architecture and culinary art..

Mallorca, Spain: 19-26 August;   from 800euro;    deep water solo, sport climbing and summer fun in the best spot at the best period!

Sardinia, Italy  16-23September ; from 700euro;   a various trip into the southern coast of this amazing island

His info:

Alberto Trombetta
+39 3331390136

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