Iceland – Last Day ,Blue Lagoon

Before I moved to Germany, I added a picture of the Blue Lagoon to my Pinterest board.  It was a hope and a dream of mine to visit it and I thought it would always remain a dream.  But now I was standing outside the lagoon, waiting to collect my towel and admission bracelet!

This place is pretty high tech.  They even have an online video about how the visits work and how the bracelet works for everything – opening your locker, getting your algae mask, paying for beer at the swim-up bar, etc.  After receiving my bracelet, I made my way to the locker room to suit up… errr, suit off.  You’re required to shower sans bathing suit before entering the lagoon and I recommend slathering on the hair conditioner and leaving it in as you wade around the pool.  The silicon in the lagoon will make your hair extremely dry.

Freshly showered and suited up, I made the COLD walk outside to the lagoon to find my family.  They had all beat me to the water.  How?  How did they survive the 35F air temperature and wind from the locker room to the lagoon??  Brrrr!  I quickly placed my towel in the correct spot and continued my chilly walk to the edge of the lagoon.  My toes were immediately warmed by the bluish grayish water.  FINALLY!  I made it in to the 98F water.  And I wasn’t coming out!


Christian and I floated around the entire lagoon, exploring under bridges and around rocks.  It was actually quite smaller than I had imagined it to be, but it was nice to experience the lagoon with him – strapped to his back, relaxing and reflecting on the amazing adventures we had in Iceland.  We soon began to realize that some spots in the lagoon were much warmer than others and we’d huddle in those warmer spots a bit longer.


We found the mud mask station and slathered on some white goop – covering our faces and blending in with everyone else in the lagoon.  The wind was really kicking and I could really feel it on my face and shoulders.  The sun kept playing hide and seek.  Hint: Bring sunscreen!  It may not protect you from wind burn, but your face will thank you later.  After 15 minutes of mud masking, we washed the thick clay off and went back to the mask station for our algae fix.  After the algae mask, my face felt soooooo smooth.  Thank you Mother Nature.

Photo Apr 18, 2 28 40 PM.jpg

Check out the lifeguard in the pic above!  The lifeguards were dressed in down jackets with fur, long warm pants and yellow vests marked ‘Lifeguard’ on the back.  Culture shock.

My dad and Annie found a place out of the wind AND close to the bar.  What a coincidence. So we joined them and swam up to the beverage bar for our free 1st beverage.  A Gull beer.  At 10am.  What?


We spent 3 hours in the lagoon, wading around, enjoying the Gulls, playing with the GoPro.  It was very relaxing and enjoyable.  And though I probably would not return – once in a lifetime is enough for me for such a touristy place – I was really happy to have found a picture of the Blue Lagoon intriguing enough to plan an entire Icelandic Adventure for me and my family.  Thanks for the inspiration Pinterest.



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