The Naked Garden – Cossebaude

August 2015:

Our annual lab retreat was last week (last week – like back in August). This year we went stand up paddle boarding at a lake in Cossebaude. It’s a cute little German town with vibrantly colored cement houses about 20 minutes west of Dresden.

_DSC5965 _DSC5966

It was a lot of fun and very tiring, which is why I chose to paddle on my knees for some of the time.  I didn’t fall off my board once!  It was much easier to paddle in this lake than it was in the ocean.  The only drawback was ALL OF THE NAKED PEOPLE.

You read it right.  Naked.  People.  Everywhere.  Ok, not everywhere.  There is a designated section for the FKK or Frei Körperkultur (free body culture).  This section happened to neighbor the stand-up paddle boarding shop and launch area.  You have to literally walk through the naked garden every time you want to go to the SUP area.  There is no way around it!  You HAVE to walk through it, while naked people flank you left and right. This culture is normal in East Germany and the people here think nothing of it. But me – ohhhhh my brain was a-tickin’ the entire time it was in the naked garden.

“Oh my gosh!”

“Look at that!”

“How old is that guy?”

“That’s what your boobs look like when you get old?”

“The hair is white!  It all goes white?!”

I just could not get over it… Naked people walking around like normal. Guys and girls sunbathing completely nude, letting it ALL hang out.  They even walked around and mingled with each other.  One nekkie lady was reading the newspaper on a concrete step for a couple of minutes, then got up and walked over to a much older nekkie man and engaged in a conversation.  I wonder if they were family.  Gaaahhh-rossss.

Christian and I went back to the same lake for a swim the following Saturday.

I know what you’re thinking – WOOOHOO!  More Naked Garden time.  Balls.  Sunbathing balls.

My thoughts, exactly.


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