Whit’s fur ye’ll no go past ye.

Whatever is meant to happen to you will happen to you.

Christian and I made our trip to Scotland in July 2016. We flew into Edinburgh and stayed there one night. We had a chance to explore Edinburgh while the sun was still out, making our way up Calton Hill and enjoying an amazing view of the city.


I had a funny feeling in my stomach while we were on top of the hill that Christian was going to propose to me. It was the day of our anniversary and he was being a stickler about climbing the tower on top of the hill. We found out we needed cash in order to climb the tower but we didn’t have any Scottish cash – errrr pounds – in our pockets and Christian seemed really bummed. I kept telling him we could come back the next morning and he kept insisting the trip atop Calton Hill wasn’t so spectacular anymore. This sent the funny feeling to my stomach because he never acts like that and I got a bit anxious the rest of the time we were on the hill.


But no proposal came as you might have already guessed if you’ve already read the previous Scotland blog. I wasn’t the least bit disappointed because I knew he would find a way to make the proposal great if, in fact, he was going to propose to me on our Scotland trip. So we enjoyed the views on top of the hill sans tower and then made our way back to our cute little hotel room at The Hub by Premier Inn.

For our anniversary that night, I signed us up for a spooky night tour of Edinburgh underground (City of the Dead Tours). Okay okay, not so romantic but it was uniquely interesting and fun to learn about the historic underground vaults where many poor and disadvantaged people were forced to live in the 18th century. Imagine trying to live in a tiny stone confined space with 200 other people. There are no bathrooms – only a bucket in the corner that gets emptied once a day. There are no beds. If you’re lucky you were given days-old, used hay to sleep on – so it usually smelled of pig manure. There are no lights and no windows. You are literally living under the South Bridge of Edinburgh. After the informative guide through the city and the vaults we were treated to a couple of ghost stories while inside the confined spaces underground. Apparently the vaults are haunted. I recommend this tour to anyone who has time in Edinburgh.  It’s only £11.00 and the guide is extremely entertaining.


After our one night in Edinburgh, we headed towards Fort William and the Highlands. Our drive was so picturesque and the grass was so green – as expected because of all of the rain.




We stayed in a cozy AirBnB near Ben Nevis mountain. Wanna stay in the same place?  Check out the link.

From here we explored castle ruins on a rainy day and contemplated hiking up Ben Nevis.

But the rain never let up and I was getting sick on top of being two months pregnant. So we decided to skip the hike and just enjoy our cozy air B&B. I absolutely fell in love with our cottage.

From our AirB&B we also took a drive out to Glenfinnan where the viaduct from Harry Potter can be seen. Christian had no idea that the train we were about to see travel over the viaduct is featured in Harry Potter. I’m not a Harry Potter fanatic but it is really a beautiful place to visit and the anticipation of seeing the train from such a famous movie was enticing.


After watching the train go by twice, we started our walk back down to the car.  Christian stopped me on a bridge just below the viaduct. The water under the bridge was moving very fast due to all of the rain that was still coming down from the sky. I wondered if we’d get another dry day during our trip.


So back to Christian stopping me – he started acting all funny and I knew what was coming.

I said, “Babe are you nervous?”

He said he was and I told him not to be nervous. With the umbrella in my hand and the gushing water below he began to tell me why he was in love with me. Yet, the only thing I can remember him saying is how our relationship is like the running water below the bridge. He said our relationship was moving as fast as the water. I laughed because I knew this is not what he meant in English. There was something in German that he was trying to express to me in English and it just wasn’t translating correctly. But I couldn’t let him off the hook.

I said jokingly, “So you think our relationship is moving too fast? Maybe we should slow down.”

He said no that’s not what he meant – he meant our relationship flowed easily and he loved it – and the next thing I knew he was on one knee opening a ring box and asking “Will you marry me?”

I cried happy tears as I said “Yes, of course!” I continued to cry a little bit more as he told me he had asked my dad for permission to marry me. He had also talked to my sister-in-law, Jessica, to make sure he didn’t miss any American engagement traditions. It was so sweet. Definitely an unforgettable moment and a unique and inspiring place on earth to become engaged. We got engaged in Scotland!!


Over the next couple of days we made our way through Inverness, searched for the Loch Ness monster, explored another castle, trekked through Aberdeen and made our way back to Edinburgh enjoying one day without rain and many with the rain.


It was a fun-filled 7 day adventure and a wonderful place to celebrate a life transition.



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