21 Pictures That Will Put Croatia on Your Bucket List

Croatia was an unexpected vacation destination for me.  But after spending a week there, it has become THAT vacation spot I hope we visit annually and get to know better over the years.

It is now my mental escape from reality when I want to calm down and relax. (These pictures, along with the smell of sunblock, will come in handy when I go into labor in about 2 weeks – ahhh, 38 weeks pregnant and SO ready to be comfortable again!). Enjoy.

These first 11 pictures were taken directly in front of our AirBnb rental, close to the town of Mimice.  It’s about 20 miles south of Split and my new favorite place in the world.  This is where we spent most of our time – sunbathing in lounge chairs and floats and chasing fish right off shore.





If you love wine, I’ve heard (and seen) that Croatia is a great place to try new wines.  I was pregnant when we visited, so I didn’t get to taste any wine – what the crap?!  But it’s on my list for the next time we visit.

Below: Grape vines growing and shading the walkway from our room to the water.  We picked and ate a handful of grapes from them each day – the closest thing to wine I could consume.


The next 11 pictures are from our boat tour.  We spent a day on a sailboat, traveling to different parts of Croatia – Hvar, Brac and the Pakleni Islands.  We booked a tour through Summer Blues and enjoyed 3 open water stops where we could dive into the Adriatic Sea and swim around for a bit. Warning: If you book this tour and love to swim, be prepared to ride a bus around Brac AFTER taking a dip in the ocean – we had to ride along in wet bathing suits.  Luckily, we brought very fat towels with us and sat on them during the bus ride from port to the old town of Stari Grad.


Below: Stari Grad, in a semi-wet bathing suit.


Below: View of Hvar from the island’s fortress.


Below: View from Hvar’s port.  It was so gorgeous here.


Below: On our way to the Pakleni Islands for another swim.


Romantical boat time:


And if you’re not yet convinced to go to Croatia, here’s that +1 pic that should do the job:


Chances of meeting a dominatrix in normal life – not so good.  Chances of meeting a dominatrix during your boat trip in Croatia – likely.  Well, for us anyway.  She was tall, dark-skinned, donned a white wig and had a distaste for 50 Shades of Gray.


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