Living in Germany

In May 2013, I packed 2 suitcases and boarded a plane for Germany.  I had landed a new job at Max Planck Institute doing pretty much the same stuff I did at Duke University for the last 10 years.  Yeah, the same stuff but completely different.  You can read about my life in science in the “Genes and Science” section here.

Three years of living it up European style with a home base in Dresden, Germany has afforded me a lot of travel experience.  With no more car, no more mortgage and paying off my credit cards (Cha-ching!) I have mo’ money mo’ money mo’ money to spend on TRAVEL.  Wanna see where I’ve been?  Click here.

Dresden is a great city to live in and I have enjoyed immersing myself in German culture.  I got me a german boyfriend – or as they say here, “mein Freund” – and soon he will become “mein Mann” or my husband.  Ok, I hope.  He hasn’t asked me or anything yet, but we’ve talked about it.  He knows.  I know.  Heck, now we all know.

I’ll post my experiences about Germany in or around this area of my site.  Let’s see if I can figure out how to use wordpress.

-Geneious Traveller